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Home Scooters How to quick start your AOVO PRO electric scooter

How to quick start your AOVO PRO electric scooter

First, we have to get to know what these components are.

The AOVO PRO features several different components. Be sure you understand these before attempting to ride.

Notice: When the battery level is low, stop riding, turn off the scooter, and fully recharge it before riding again.

Second, follow these steps

Step 1 Choose a suitable venue and good weather for riding. Please try not to ride your electric scooter on rainy days or on bumpy and muddy road.

Step 2 Start your scooter by pressing and holding the power button.

Step 3 Stand one foot on the scooter and leave another foot on the ground. And then give your scooter a running start.

Step 4 Gently press down on the right thumb accelerator, the scooter will immediately move forward slowly. Place the foot which is on the ground on the scooter. With your right thumb press the right thumb accelerator. The bigger the pressure, the faster it will go.

Step 5 Accelerate to reach the desired speed. Hold the throttle for approx. 10 seconds to turn on Cruise Control and maintain speed.

Step 6 To stop, apply full pressure to the brake until the scooter stops completely.

When you complete all these steps you basically know how to ride your scooter. During your riding, you can use the bell to alert pedestrians and other riders of your presence. At night, you can turn the headlight on/off by quick-pressing the power button twice.You can switch gears between 1, 2, and 3 by quick-pressing the power button once. Each gear has different speed. Gear 1 max. is 5 mph, Gear 2 is 10 mph, and Gear 3 is 15.6 mph.

Now, you may want to call your friends and take your AOVO PRO. Let’s go outside to enjoy the good weather!

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