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AOVOPRO Brand Upgrade Statement

Dear clients:

In order to provide the perfect AOVOPRO electric scooters to our clients, from 25th Oct, 2021, the old logo will be abandoned and we will release the new AOVOPRO logo pictured below.

Just as you would expect from AOVO, the new logo perfectly symbolises the new AOVOPRO Scooter with a Young, Fresh, Fashionable and Trendy new design as well as capturing the Power of the AOVOPRO Scooter.

Over the past 2 years, the AOVOPRO team have been getting more and more excited by the powerful and stable AOVOPRO electric scooters, more and more clients and friends from all over the world, are willing to own and recommend the AOVOPRO electric scooter, which makes AOVOPRO a best selling brand which is growing more and more popular each day.

Unfortunately, due to the popularity of our amazing AOVOPRO Scooters, there have been many fakes and rip off versions of our scooter circulating the market. Thankfully, it’s easy to spot the fakes, due to the low quality and extremely cheap prices.

However, unfortunately this has harmed our original AOVOPRO brand.

This is one of the reasons we have decided to update our logo to a brand-new fresh and funky logo. It’s now even easier to tell the fakes apart from the genuine product.

But we have not just improve the logo…

As well as improving the logo, we have also upgraded the battery with top class battery cells and industry unique intelligent BMS, reinforcing the scooters tube and body frame, changing into metal rear fender bracket and adding anti-fake function. We have upgraded into the new AOVOPRO brand, and only the original AOVOPRO electric scooters can be connected with the smart AOVOPRO app.

We are and will always concentrate on providing the very best and most up-to-date, powerful, stable and comfortable electric scooters our clients know and love.

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