AOVOPRO after sales serivce guide

The first thing need to confirm is the charger, have you checked the charger lead and the charge port on scooter? and the plug? Does they contacting well?
Then we need to confirm the second thing. If you ride the scooter for a long trip, please wait two hours before recharging. The Tech-team advised that the temperature of the scooter is too high after riding in summer, if it reaching above 60°, the BMS circuit board will turn on the self-protection mode, the scooter will not charge, it will back to normal after the temperature decrease to 50°. So please wait 1-2 hours before charging.
The remaining possibility is that the battery got problems, mostly the battery cell is good, but the charging cable inside of the battery is snapped. can you please try to fix it locally? we can pay for that. This will save a lot of time for you.
Please check these 2 videos, you can show videos to local repair shop. Videos are in Chinese, but i think you will get some keypoint.
If you can’t find a local repair shop to do that, we may send you a new battery, can you replace it yourself?
Besides, if you don’t like the above solutions, we will repair it in our repair centre. It is free of charge.