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AOVOPRO Solemnly Declare

We are Shenzhen high-end manufacturing Co.,Ltd based in China, trade mark AOVOPRO is belonging to Shenzhen high-end manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

Our official online shopping store url is:

Please identify our trade mark and logo:

Warning:, selling fake AOVOPRO. That fake scooter is not waterproof, using unsafe folding mechanism, public open source APP and cheap display panel. They pretend to be 350W with a 250W motor, they use 7.8Ah battery but tell you 10.5Ah. They used trademark registration loopholes to preemptively register our product logo. We are taking legal action against them.

Based on the current situation, we decided to abandon the following logo:

In order to keep away from fakes, we will release a completely new LOGO in mid-October. Several more powerful new product releases will also be released.

The differences between genuine AOVOPRO scooters and fakes:

1. The mobile phone APP name of the genuine AOVOPRO scooter is Aovopro, which is a smart APP specially developed by us. The fakes use public open source apps.

2. The display interface of genuine AOVOPRO is unique.

3. The folding mechanism of genuine AOVOPRO has been improved countless times. It is safer, more stable, and will not shake.

4. The genuine AOVOPRO motors are produced by ourselves and have independent intellectual property rights. The actual maximum power reaches 350W, and the power is abundant. Even if the load is 120KG, the performance will not have much impact. The fake motor is a low-end product on the market, and the actual maximum power can only reach 250W.

5. The genuine AOVOPRO battery is produced by ourselves, using A+ level cells. The battery has a capacity of 10.5Ah and can be charged and discharged 400 times in cycles. The fake battery uses B level cells with a capacity of only 7.8Ah. It is likely to be broken after 100 cycles of charging and discharging. More importantly, our battery has a very advanced protection system, we 100% guarantee the safety of the battery, there will be no fire or explosion. Safety comes first! We made this important improvement in early 2021, although this technology encountered some troubles at the time, which caused the products in the past few months to fail to charge. But we have completely solved this problem in July, and it has been verified by the market. Subsequent products will not have the problem of not being able to charge.

6. The internal components and circuits of the genuine AOVOPRO are waterproofed. The wading depth can reach 15CM. And fakes can’t do this at all.

7. The quality of the fakes is very poor. The latest evidence shows that they are trying to empty their inventory. They contacted our authorized dealers and dumped their fakes at polar prices, but our dealers saw through their tricks. and reported the evidence to us. This shows that fakes will disappear soon, so I feel sad for those buyers who bought fakes, they will not get the warranty they deserve.

8. Genuine AOVOPRO has UK warehouse, German warehouse and American warehouse. There are no UK or US warehouses for fakes, and they can only be shipped from Germany. And is struggling to empty the inventory.

9. The genuine AOVOPRO has a metal mudguard bracket, but the fake one does not.

If you are still confused by fakes, I sincerely recommend that you ask the AOVOPRO owners around you, or go to social networks to seek opinions from netizens. Remember, fakes are cheaper!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at:

AOVOPRO Sales Team


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